Meet the GT Deluxe!

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Interactive tone controls!

The tone controls on the GT deluxe work very intuïtive. We worked hard on filtering out unwanted frequencies and making sure the amp sounds good on every setting. With the pré-gain and gain control you can push whatever part of the amp you want and with the headroom setting you can refine that sound like a real sculpter. This also helps you to get some overdriven sounds at lower volumes.We’ve added a very clear sounding reverb to top it al off. This should give you all the tools you need to get some juicy tones going!

Stage or studio?

More loud isn’t always good (It’s more fun though!). When you’re at home, rehearsing or recording you don’t always need a loud amp, and we’ve got you covered.

On studio settings (0,5-20w) the GT Deluxe get’s tamed a bit so you can push the tubes without the big volume, making it better for those places where volume get’s in the way. Turn up the pré-gain and reduce the headroom to get some driven sounds at reasonable volume… You get all the volume and headroom you need to be heard and still have all the dynamics you need. You can also add one of our extension cabinets and get a full and rich on-stage sound, and with the optional Integral mic you can keep your stage setup to a minimum and get rid of all the mic-ing issues you might get with ever changing PA setups.

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"The main focus was on creating a minimalist contemporary guitar amp that suits every interior. Defining the aesthetic with well balanced fluid curves and using high quality materials with eye for every detail."

Design by Joeri Claeys

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Pedals, pedals, pedals!

Everybody loves pedals, and pedals are awesome. The GT deluxe is fully prepared for whatever setup you’ve got going. With the external loop you can put pedals in between gain stages to sculpt and refine your sound to your liking. The internal reverb is behind the loop to ensure that nothing get’s in the way of your sound.

The world is your stage!

Artists that travel the world face a lot of challenges. A big concert one day, a small venue the next. Some countries have 240v others 110v. Sometimes the infrastructure is great, sometimes everything makes noise.

The GT Deluxe is ready for all of this. You can easily switch voltage and our power inlet filters out unwanted net frequencies. 

It’s really just plug and play!



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