We are looking for dealers!

We want to set-up a premium dealership network to support our customers all around the world and ensure they get the premium experience we thrive for.

We are looking for premium shops or luthiers that have the means and accommodation to let our customers try out our amplifiers and get the advice/support they might need. 

If you are interested in becoming a dealer for Da Capo then please contact us.


Hollandstraat 18,  1755 Gooik

Contact: Patrick J Minnebo

Patrick builds some awesome vintage inspired guitars. You should go try his single coil and humbucking machines of joy, they are incredible!

When Patrick suggested to open his doors to Da Capo we could not have been more proud! 

You won’t find a website on Clarence Custom Guitars, Patrick likes to keep it low key…. but you can reach out to him through his facebook page, you won’t regret it!