A fresh new sound!

Clear and well defined sounds, with a lot of dynamics and punch. The GT Deluxe pushes the interaction between player and amp to a whole new level.

Completely handmade


It's not a buzzword...

Play anything, anywhere!

No matter which venue, studio, stage or room. The GT Deluxe has all the specifications to make sure that you shine as an artist. Made to impress, built to last.

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Super light weight

Through our innovative approach the GT Deluxe only weighs 15kg


Switch between 20 /40 Watts range, finetune the volume with the top controls


Easily adjust your amplifier's input voltage to the regional network

All valve

the GT Deluxe is a cathode biased all valve amp

Ultra low noise

All our amps are built with extensive filtering for very low noise operation

Integral Mic

The Integral mic'ing can be installed for true analogue studio and P.A. sound

What they said!

Don’t take our word for it, this is what people who actually played the GT Deluxe have to say.

David Piedfort
The GT Deluxe is a breath of fresh air in a world of classic designs. As an artist, it truly helps you get inspired again!
Peter Ponjaert
Awesome dynamics! Really love those crispy clean sounds with some of that lush reverb!
Tom Prinsier
Super 3D sound, cristal clear and high definition. Very touch sensitive, forcing me to up my playing and squeeze all the juice out of every note.
Yves Stroobandt
This amp is a real treat. Whether you like subtle and smooth play or you rather prefer a more cranked up sound, this nicely curved, lightweight, beauty will always comply to your request and answer with a genuine, full bodied, humless sound.
Nir Shemmer
Wonderfull Hi-Fi sound! the amp sounds as if it is has been recorded in a studio.
Kris Bero
An amp for the masses, due to it’s versatility and ability. From a crisp clean sound to a loaded crunchy sound , it can handle it with ease, and then some...
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